Kippy's!™ Official Ice Cream Cleanse™ made with Coconut Cream

First Ever Raw-Non-Dairy Ice Cream Cleanse™... THE CLEANSE IS COMING IN SPRING!

Welcome to Kippy's!™ Ice Cream Shop's Coconut Cream Ice Cream Cleanse!

Some vital information about Coconut Cream, Raw Honey, Cleansing, & Yoga!

Raw saturated fat is nothing short of a miracle worker in the human body.  It helps us digest, feeds the brain, boosts the metabolism, and is a powerful agent of detoxification.  Raw saturated fat from the meat of organic coconuts pressed in-house is the main ingredient of Kippy's!™ Ice Cream, and the magic behind our first ever Ice Cream Cleanse.  

When you cleanse from eating Kippy's™ Ice Cream, you are feeding your body not only the raw saturated fat from the coconuts, but living nutrients from the Fruit and Superfoods present in the ice cream.  The raw honey used to sweeten Kippy'sv Ice Cream contains amino acids and living enzymes, which aid digestion and reduce inflammation.  Fat solubility will help your body absorb the nutrients present in the Ice Cream.  Your body, in the course of the cleanse, will also release heavy metals, plastics and other toxins, and the raw saturated fat will function as a carrier to rid your body of them for good.  The metabolically active properties present in the raw saturated fat (think coconut oil) will increase your metabolism and help you to actually burn fat.

Basically, you can expect to lose weight and feel great!  And since it's Kippy's™ Ice Cream, you know it'll be delicious… and fun!



The cleanse is 3 days, and consists of 5 Pints of Non-Dairy-Raw-Organic Ice Cream per day. Each Ice Cream is specially designed to cleanse the body, feed the brain, and supply vital nutrients that are commonly lacking in your daily diet.  



#1 Your breakfast is Coconut Yogurt Ice Cream….The fermented coconut cream is rich in pro biotic!  Enjoy

#2 Your Mid Morning Snack is Orange Crème….taste like a Popcicle!  Loaded w. Vitamin C!  Hmmmmmm

#3 Your Lunch is Dark Chocolate w Himalayan Salt….Sweet & Satisfying! ….Gives the Thyroid much needed Iodine to help metabolism and regulate hormones

#4 Your Afternoon Snack is Master Cleanse…Lemon/Cayenne…A very Delicious & Detoxifying Combo

#5 You Dinner is a Superfood Ice Cream…Bee Pollen, Cinnamon, Raw Honey!  SYNERGY!  Loads of Vitamins and Mineral in Bee Pollen, and Raw Honey/Cinnamon Combo fight inflammation and digestion issues!

If you are used to coffee and or tea in the am…Please have a cup of water w. lemon to start off…then go for breakfast when you are ready, and follow the # system throughout the day!

If you feel the need..drink water, and please make this cleanse a beneficial and positive cleanse..if you need to have a bit of food…have an organic raw meal such as an avocado w. mango and lemon juice, or a salad….

If you can't finish a portion of ice cream..don't sweat it!  Eat what you want, and keep the rest for when you are hungry…maybe you need a little more punch in the afternoon and little less in the am…do what fits your schedule!..

Please feel free to email me any questions, concerns, or comments! 



•   100% Real Organic Food- Our non-dairy organic ice cream is created in small batches by hand, with an eco-conscious attitude in Venice, CA. We use pure organic ingredients just as nature provided them, never adding fillers, emulsifiers, or preservatives.

•   Fresh Organic Coconut Cream
We use Fresh Coconut Cream from mature organic coconuts as a base of our Non-Dairy Ice Creams. We take about 1000 coconuts a week, and using a special process we have refined over 5 years, produce the rich Coconut Cream that gives our non-dairy ice creams that delicious rich flavor.  Coconut Cream is high in raw saturated fat that is essential to good health.  It also tastes Amazing!

•   Fresh Picked Organic Fruit- We start with fresh organic fruit because we believe freshness gives our bodies the highest nutritional value possible. The fruit is fresh picked (never previously frozen), and is often made into ice cream or sorbet soon after having been on the vine/tree.  Whenever possible we source local fruit, such as our lemons from our trusted grower in Malibu, CA.

•   Fresh Organic Coconut Water- We use Fresh Coconut Water from Mature Organic Coconuts as a base (rather than tap or filtered water).  Coconut water is completely pure, having been filtered by nature through the coconut husk. This nutrient-rich water contains essential electrolytes and adds a deliciously subtle sweetness to the sorbet. It is re-hydrating and refreshing.

•   Raw Unheated Honey- For sweetness we use only local raw unheated honey because it is the most natural and least processed of all sweeteners. Raw unheated honey is a healthy nourishing sweetener and adds a delightful honey flavor to our ice cream and sorbet. Our honey comes from Honey Pacifica, a local 2nd generation beekeeper whose honey’s can be found at local stores and farmer’s markets.


HOW TO GET IT! (and some fine print...)

Kippy's!™ Ice Cream Cleanseis run at certain times of the year so that we have time to prepare the special flavors and gather the raw organic ingredients necessary to make this amazing cleanse!


The next Ice Cream Cleanse will be run in Spring!  We make our cleanses to order and will ship out in order they are received.


When The Cleanse is ON please place your order below and indicate in the comments if you have any specific dates you would like your cleanse shipped.


Our cleanse needs to be shipped overnight to keep it fresh. Shipping rates have recently risen and overnight shipping is an additional $149 flat rate. You can also pick-up the cleanse at our store in Venice, CA for no additional charge. 


Due to large demand cleanse orders will be filled in the order in which they are received. 


Thank you and look forward to cleansing with you! 




$ 199.00